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Jun 5


It took me until this very moment, with less than one week left of school, for me to realize how sad I am about ending my undergraduate educational career. I have been lucky in the sense that I was accepted to my dream school. I enjoyed my two years at UCLA without ever taking a day for granted. Each day I walked by Royce hall I reminded myself of the hard work it took to get to this very place. Surely I could have focused a little bit more on my academics but I don’t regret focusing on my social life. Before arriving at UCLA I literally had no friends. I spent my days at community college alone, with minimal interaction with other students. During breaks I would sit in my car and sing to the radio for hours. I was very focused and determined in what I wanted, but I was also very introverted. It was at UCLA that I made friends, some that I hope will last a lifetime. So even though my academic record could have been stronger in numbers, it is the experience that I gained out it that matters to me most. I learned to be social, make mistakes, gain friends, lose friends, make more mistakes, improvise, compete, and to challenge myself past my limits. I knew this day would come but I am sad it had to come so soon. I am leaving my safety net and being cast out into the real world where now I have to find a job, new friends and essentially a new life. Humans like the familiar, its comfortable which is why my heart aches a little right now. But safe is not what I want for myself. I want adventure. I want challenges. I want to live not thinking about the things I would like to do but instead doing them. Life is scary but being afraid to live it is even worst. So its with a knot in my throat and a smile on my face that I start saying my goodbyes to this place. In fact I think I will leave a little piece of my heart tucked in this little corner of Powell Library.